Forthcoming Titles

Following are known lists of national and international open textbook projects in progress (forthcoming titles) and collaborative opportunities that the authors want you to know about.

If a project group has indicated that they are open to collaboration opportunities and you could contribute content as a subject matter expert, use the contact details listed to contact them.

*Please note that these lists of open textbook projects are periodically updated*


  • Books in Development | Open Textbook Library, University of Arizona (USA).
  • Forthcoming Titles | OER Collective, Community of Australian University Librarians (AUS).
  • OER Project Directory | Rebus Community, Iowa State University (USA). Sort by a specific group (e.g. Contributor Marketplace for those looking for collaborators), sort by a specific tag (e.g. peer review), or click on the Activity header to sort by the forums with the most recent post activity.


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