About Pressbooks

Pressbooks is a book production platform allowing you to create your open textbook from scratch and adapt or remix it per the open textbook’s Creative Commons licence. Information about Creative Commons licences is available from Creative Commons Australia.

Pressbooks is an online publishing and blogging platform built on the popular WordPress platform. If you have used WordPress in the past, Pressbooks should feel familiar to you. Pressbooks is optimised for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. If you are using Internet Explorer, please update to Edge or use another supported browser.

  • Books can be downloaded in a wide range of formats, such as a website, PDF document, EPUB document (usable in most e-reading applications and devices), MOBI (for Kindle-specific applications), XHTML, HTMLBook, ODT, XLM, and Thin Common Cartridge with web links).
  • It is also useful for making changes to an existing open textbook during the adaptation process.
  • You can include activities, links to videos, and annotation features, and use integrations such as:
    • H5P (build 40+ types of interactive activities, including quizzes)
    • Hypothesis (enable web annotation for all/parts of books)
    • MathJax (render LaTeX, AsciiMath, MathML with MathJax in webbook)
    • TablePress (create sortable, filterable, searchable interactive tables)
  • There are also video tutorials and online documentation to instruct you on authoring your content.

If you are interested in authoring an open textbook, contact your School Librarian.