1 Creating open resources

The Library partners with the academic community to help embed Creative Commons licensed materials written for curriculum or educational activities and to explore sustainable approaches to learning resources by:

  • Helping you develop targeted, small textbooks to support your unit.
  • Granting an open-access licence to unpublished teaching guides, scholarly materials, and research.
  • Contextualising existing resources to meet local needs and embedding them into the curriculum.

Pressbooks has partnered with Western Sydney University to offer you a hosted, education-specific version of the Pressbooks’ authoring and editing platform: Western Open Books. Here, authors can clone, adapt, revise, remix and redistribute openly-licensed material and enrich their content with videos, audio recordings and incorporate interactive elements using Pressbook’s H5P plugin. When published, the textbook is made available via the Western Open Books Catalogue and may also be available via the global Pressbooks Directory.

The Pressbooks Directory

The Pressbooks Directory provides access to open textbooks published under an open Creative Commons licence for adaptation and reuse. There are over 2,000 full-text textbooks published from over a hundred institutions. These books may be either original or cloned adaptations of other open textbooks. These textbooks can be viewed online or exported into eBook, PDF and a number of other formats.

Western Open Books

Western Open Books is Western Sydney University’s academic authoring and editing platform for open textbooks content. Log into the platform using your WesternAccount login and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Registering with Western Open Books using your WSU credentials

You will need to register with Single Sign-On (SSO) to access the full capabilities of the university licence. Visit Western Open Books and click on the SSO ‘Sign in’ link at the top of the screen. You will find detailed instructions in the Library FAQ: How can I create a Western Open Books account?


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