9 Publishing your content

Just before you publish your content:

  • Check that you have completed these tasks before you publish your open textbook. Add an SDG if it is aligned with any Sustainable Development Goals, e.g.,
    • Select the following subject under ‘Additional Subjects’: Relating to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    • Add the specific SDG at the end of the Short Description, e.g., This activity is aligned with SDG1 – No poverty.
  • Decide which format(s) you want your work available to be downloaded. The most popular formats are EPUB, PDF (for digital distribution), and PDF (for print). Note that end users can only download the formats you have exported your work. If you have made changes to the original text since the files were downloaded you will need to replace the downloaded files. To do this you will need to delete the current downloaded files, then export the files again to make them available for downloading.
  • If only certain chapters will be made visible/released at a time, password-protect the chapters which are yet to be completed so they are not visible to the users.
  • Notify the Scholarly Publishing Consultant when it’s ready to be released/published (made public), and they will arrange for your content to appear in the Western Open Books catalogue and discoverable from the Library search box. If the content of your work is greater than 1,500 words it will also be visible in the global Pressbooks Directory.
  • If you create intellectual property (a “Project”) on the platform, the Project and its associated Intellectual Property Rights shall be owned by the author or Western Sydney University, as applicable.

For information about copyright in Australia and Creative Commons licensing and attribution, visit A Guide to Creative Commons.


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